How revolution might sound. Radio feature, interview, essays.

How revolution might sound. Radiofeature by Jorinder on Mixcloud

Interview with Anja Kanngießer and Manuela Zechner from the group nanopolitics in London 2012 for the Dissident Island Radio London:

How revolution might sound. 

Reintegrating the dimension of sound into political practice will open up a perspective of revolutionary practice based and focused essentially on self-awareness, that is to say listening. One of the most practical and radical instrument for this purpose is the human voice. We need to perceive the gap of silence deep hearing provides. Revolution could begin here. 

Sing along with Derrida. Die Stimme ist das Bewusstsein. 

Fragmentsplitter zu einer Ästhetik des kommunikativen Widerstands. „Rede, damit ich dich sehe“, Sokrates, Über Physiognomik